Tuesday Oct. 13th

Rachel’s supporting in the new Blumhouse movie, “Evil Eye,” releasing on Amazon October 13th! 

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Being brave is not easy 

Taking risks is not easy
Living your truth is not easy
However it is a must. All you have to do is open the door and I promise you’ll be supported by a great unexplainable force that rises the sun every morning and beats your heart without you even thinking about it.
Today, I’m happy to share I now live in Los Angeles.
I’ve always seen myself here. And on the cusp of a new film coming out, I decided to take the calculated leap.
It was a wonderful ten years New York. I’ll miss all your no-Bullshit directness! ❤️👏

Upcoming Projects!

"Night Train,"
A new short film I'm producing and starring in!
We're a diverse team that is dedicated to hiring and paying industry rates for over 70% black artists. We have raised over $22,000 for our film and only need another $10,300 to be fully funded.
Would you like to support? Every bit counts and it will be fun to have you on our filmmaking team.

"The Black Sheep's Daughter"

Last January 2019, I started writing my first feature film. The screenplay will be ready to shoot by December 2020. It’s like a modern day “Harold and Maude” mixed with “Lady In The Van.” It’s a story about an uptight perfectionist being stalked by her mute free-spirited homeless mother who’s been absent from Kayla’s life for 20years. Realizing her lone wolf syndrome is causing her deep loneliness and lack of growth in her career, she decides to forgive and embrace the importance of this woman in her life.

Here Come Out”

Short Film Currently being submitted to Film Festivals.

Written by:Rachel Cora Wood
Directed by: Rachel Cora Wood
DP: Dani Baum
Produced by: Rachel Cora Wood
Starring:Sarah Doudna, Jessica Afton, and Rachel Cora Wood
Edited by Dominic Stewart

Cora's Characters:
monologues written by Rachel Cora Wood

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